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How do I make sure I'm buying genuine Woods gear?

There are three ways to buy Woods products:

  1. At one of our exclusive stores
  2. Through our authorized retailers
  3. From our official online retail site

Although you may find Woods products on other websites, auction sites and stores, you can only be sure you are getting the real deal in one of these three places. Please be cautious if you spot a Woods product in an unauthorized shop as it could be a counterfeit. 

How do I extend the life of my footwear by Woods?

Here are a few tips to help you to care for your boots and trail running shoes.

  1. Use a silicon-based weatherproofing agent to protect your leather footwear against the elements. The new Woods Stain Eraser helps to restore and protect the texture of the shoes from stains and keeps them looking like new for longer.
  2. Make sure to clean your shoes after use, as mud and dirt can cause fiber decay. It is a common error to machine wash trail running shoes. Instead, use hot water, a rag and a cleansing agent to clean the footwear. To dry, stuff shoes and air-dry for best results.
  3. Store footwear in a cool, dry place to ensure they last as long as you do on that long run or hike.

Feathers seem to be leaking from my down jacket. Is this normal?

In the case of products manufactured with goose down, it is natural for some of the down and feathers to escape through the fabric, particularly in the seams. The sharp quills of the feathers can poke tiny holes in the fabric and work their way through to the outside. It is normal for this to happen, particularly in newer products when the down has not had an opportunity to settle. There is no reason for alarm, and this phenomenon should not affect the insulating property of your product. To minimize the amount of down that escapes, simply pull the down back through the underside of the fabric and massage the fabric and down underneath. This will cause the "hole" or separation in the fabric fibers to close up.

How do I order Woods product online?

Although we don't currently sell our products on our site, we have carefully chosen trusted online retailers where you can buy Woods products online.

How can I find out about job openings with Woods?

Check out our Careers section to browse through our current job opportunities.